Healing our Communities with a focus on Youth!

Continuing Collaborations between KUJI and UAACC!

UAACC and the KUJI Foundation continue to collaborate in order to make a strong impact on educating the youth about HIV/AIDS awareness through organizing and sponsoring Youth Festivals, seminars and film screenings both at the The Red Onion, UAACC activities hall and at other community venues.
The digital projector unit donated by KUJI Foundation continues to serve as a major feature at community workshops enabling larger groups to view HIV/AIDS awareness films, cultural and political films to the enlightenment of all.



Scenes from the
Youth for World Peace Festival!

Many people showed up at the festival to celebrate our youth and their wishes for world peace and health!

Mama Charlotte introduces Mzee Pete O’Neal to Mwisho Mwampamba of Big Brother Africa fame.  Mwisho served as our Guest of Honor at the event!


Mama Charlotte, Brother Mwisho, Mzee Geronimo founder of the  KUJI Foundation
and Mzee Pete O’Neal, founder of UAACC,
 take a break at the festival!

MC Ally (Ally Mhina, co founder of TEKUA) interviews Brother Mwisho on the stage about his life views and advise to youth about staying healthy with an awareness of HIV/AIDS!


Mzee Pete gave a rousing speech at the event imploring our community to do more to take care of the street children, orphans and set a positive example for our youth…our future leaders!

Fatha, Brother Nelly and Sister Dina  represent the internationally famous Xplastaz!  who served as our special Guest Artists of Honor at the festival!  They helped to spread the message about HIV/AIDS awareness!


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