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Nov 29 - Dec 5, 2003


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Diaspora Africans donate medical supplies

By our correspondent

medical supplies from Oklahoma Health Care project



The Old Arusha Clinic was recently the venue for a brief ceremony to turn over a shipment of medical supplies intended for the people of Arusha that consisted of various medicines, vitamin supplements and medical equipment.

Mr. Pete O’Neal, founder and Managing Director of the United African Alliance Community Center UAACC explained that "this donation was made possible by the Oklahoma Healthcare Project which is based in Oklahoma, U.S.A. and the Kuji Foundation, a community service NGO founded in 1999 by Mr. Geronimo ji Jaga. It was facilitated to reach Tanzania by UAACC." Mr. O’Neal noted "this has been a collective endeavor, a successful collaboration that should be emulated and repeated over and over."

The ceremony was attended by several senior doctors in Arusha including Dr. J.M. Urasa, head surgeon and founder of the Old Arusha Clinic; Dr. Mhando, a well known cardiologist; Dr. Lyimo, a radiologist. Also attending were Mrs. Joju ji Jaga of the Kuji Foundation, Mrs. Charlotte Hill O’Neal of UAACC and several nurses and medical officers.

Mr. O’Neal pointed out how all of the principal organizers for the medical supplies shipment are from the vast community of Africans of the Diaspora (ie. Africans born outside of the continent).

"These people are setting a grand example for others in the African American community to follow regardless of their political or religious affiliations.

"Even though it is true that many in America are poor, the collective wealth of African Americans is immense almost beyond calculation. I have read statistics that report that Africans in America alone spend countless millions of dollars on hair products and cosmetics and entertainment. "Surely, African Americans must be encouraged to take some of that money and spend it on the development of our Motherland! I feel that Africans of the Diaspora have a moral obligation to do this. Collaborative projects like this one (bringing medical supplies to Arusha) and others that have occurred over the years, are only a start."

UAACC has facilitated several other medical supplies and equipment shipments for the Arusha community over the past several years through assistance from the people of Kansas City, (one of Arusha’s Sister City associations) with generous donations from Childrens’ International; the Heart to Heart organization, and the Kuji Foundation.

"Our aim is to assist the people of Arusha municipality whether through public hospitals or private medical organizations," Mr. O’Neal said.  


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