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March 29- April 5, 2003

Preparations for HIV/AIDS education


Preparations for HIV/AIDS education festival gaining momentum

By Charlotte Hill O’Neal

The Kuji Foundation and the United African Alliance Community Center UAACC, in an ongoing collaboration, organized the first phase of the "Staying Healthy….Staying Alive!" HIV/AIDS education festival this past Feb. 15. A planning session and seminar was recently held at UAACC in preparation for phase two of the festival.

More than one hundred people slated to participate in the upcoming HIV/AIDS education festival scheduled for April 19, 2003 gathered at the United African Alliance Community Center UAACC in Imbaseni Village, Maji ya Chai for a seminar and planning session. Representatives from several organizations including Kuji Foundation; UAACC; Maasai Arts Group; Aang Serian; Global Services Corps; White Orange Youth Organization (Moshi) and the African Youth and Health Promotion group attended the five hour long session.

The festival which is titled "Staying Healthy…Staying Alive II" will be the second phase of the community events organized by UAACC in cooperation with the Kuji Foundation, founded by Mzee Geronimo ji Jaga, whose headquarters are in Louisiana, U.S.A. and Ghana. . (for story on phase I, see ARUSHA TIMES archives: issue 00259)

The UAACC activity hall was once again filled with group discussions, question and answer sessions and maigizo (skits) as representatives of the several youth organizations attending shared vital information about the ongoing war against HIV/AIDS by means of dissemination of information throughout the Arusha community.

Mzee Pete O’Neal, Managing Director and founder of UAACC, pointed out the several newspaper articles on display that illustrated the tremendous amount of work that still needs to be done to "get the word out in both the rural and urban areas of our community. As you can see," he continued, "the growth of HIV/AIDS is being reversed in many districts in Uganda; the incidence is holding at its present level in parts of Kenya, but HIV/AIDS is actually growing in Tanzania! It is imperative that we work together to reverse this trend for the future of the entire global community!"

Mzee O’Neal also announced recently that because of the possibility of impending long rains a sheltered venue in Arusha will be arranged for the April 19 festival, instead of the previously selected open air Imbaseni Primary School field in Imbaseni Village. The venue will be announced soon.

If you wish to participate or desire more information about the festival please contact: or phone 0744 593 700 or 255 3674.

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