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MC Ally (Ally Mhina, co founder of TEKUA) interviews Brother Mwisho on the stage about his life views and advise to youth about staying healthy with an awareness of HIV/AIDS!





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HIV/AIDS Education Projects

UAACC + Kuji Foundation Collaborations!

Serving the Community by example and relevance!
2004 - 2005

UAACC and KUJI continue to join forces in the war against HIV/AIDS
providing opportunities for leadership training...giving YOUTH a VOICE!

Community Theatre Productions have proven to be an effective means of drumming home the messages of HIV/AIDS awareness!


Youth from Mkombozi Center for Street Children, a project based in Moshi,Tanzania benefited from sharing of knowledge at HIV/AIDS and Life Skills weekend retreat at UAACC



 The Kuji Foundation and the United African Alliance Community Center UAACC, in an ongoing collaboration, organized the first phase of the "Staying Healthy….Staying Alive!" HIV/AIDS education festival this past Feb. 15, 2003.  The following are reflections of that day and plans for the future.

Geronimo ji Jaga and Pete O'Neal (at UAACC, in front of mural by Tanzanian artist, Imam Daffa) vow to fight the war on HIV/AIDS by any means necessary! 

“There’s a war going on…no NOT the planned war against Iraq…but a war that is nevertheless, wrecking unbelievable havoc around the globe,” said Mzee Pete O’Neal, Founder and Managing Director of the United African Alliance Center UAACC during the opening hours of the Staying Healthy…Staying Alive! HIV/AIDS education festival held at UAACC’s Imbaseni Village office.   

The need for a more seriously effective war against HIV/AIDS was brought home to the more than 300 people attending the festival as group after group of youth presented drama and comedies; song, dance and poetry, all with the festival’s encompassing theme…Staying Healthy…Staying Alive!

Former UAACC volunteer Ali Mhina serves as moderator during the youth discussions

As the afternoon turned into evening and more information was shared, no one could disagree that we are indeed fighting in a war that takes no prisoners; against an enemy that cares little about the size of ones pocketbook or the color of ones skin.  We’re in a war that loves the young and makes them old, loves the fat and makes them bone thin.  This terrible adversary loves the sweet taste of a thriving economy and thoroughly enjoys chewing it up into delicious little pieces of ruin, scattering the leftover bits like tiny crumbs in a flock of hens.   We’re in a war whose outcome will determine if our grandchildren have a world left to live in and enjoy.  This fight is more serious than previous history has ever claimed and it will take the cooperation of us all to turn around the tide that is sweeping through and devastating both the villages and urban areas all over Tanzania.

UAACC KushKemet Actors stage open air HIV/AIDS education maigizo (skits)   

The majority of the participants at the festival were young and healthy and hoping to stay that way!  The community attending were brought to laughter and then at times, nearly to tears, by the impact and realism of the maigizo that was presented on that day by actors from UAACC; Maasai Arts Group and Aang Serian.

Musicians and dancers from the African Traditional Dance Group provided some much needed entertainment in the midst of such serious considerations.

Elders from the village and visitors from America added their voices to the mix and many in the crowd were enthralled by the words and presence of a figure most prominent in American History, Ms. Kathleen Neal Cleaver, formerly Communications Secretary of the Black Panther Party and presently a law professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Mzee Pete with Sister Kathleen Cleaver, who participated in the Staying Healthy...Staying Alive HIV/AIDS education festival at UAACC 
during her visit to Arusha.

It has been shown that peer education is one of the most effective means of instruction and this was proven once again during the extensive question and answer sessions held throughout the day facilitated by the team of UAACC HIV/AIDS educators who were trained last year by Global Services Corps personnel.  The HIV/AIDS prevention team includes Chris Karis, Ally Mhina; Ester Warobi, Magareth Lyimo, Steven Mnguto, and the newly formed UAACC community theater group, The KushKemet Actors.

February 15th was also the official inauguration of a large screen video projector unit that has been especially acquired, with assistance from the Kuji Foundation, for the collaborative, ongoing War Against HIV/AIDS project, Staying Healthy…Staying Alive!  

Geronimo ji Jaga, founder of the Kuji Foundation, at the inauguration of large screen video projector unit at UAACC.  
Also pictured are Pete O'Neal and Abraham Pallangyo, Imbaseni Village Chairman

The Uzima Center located in Ngaranaro, Arusha, was acknowledged for having provided many of the videos that were shown that night, and people enjoyed looking and learning from them until nearly two o’clock in the morning!


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HIClick here to read "Fighting the Epidemic", an article by UAACC volunteer and HIV/AIDS educator, Chris Karis.rCthe United African Alliance Community Center

      place of peace, health and love!”

The Kuji Foundation and UAACC are planning phase two of the Staying Healthy…Staying Alive! HIV/AIDS education Festival to take place April  19th at the Imbaseni School Field (next to Scripture Union) in Imbaseni Village.  It is planned that this festival will involve people nationwide.  If your organization wishes to participate in this festival or you require more information, please notify us at our email address: r phone 0744 593 700 or 255 3674