Kansas City Jazzman, Harold O'Neal provided the music at the premier! 

Harold is Pete O'Neal's nephew and son of Brian and Mafutari O'Neal.  He is an accomplished musician and heads the Harold O'Neal quartet.  He has recorded and performed with various musicians including Wynton Marsalis and Greg Osby!

The Kansas City Premier of
A Panther in Africa
was a Gala Event organized by the
Kansas City/Arusha
Sister City Committee

and included poetry and
a short play by Laura Partridge
A Panther Kind of Man
Michael Patton as Pete O'Neal
Carmaletta Williams
as Charlotte O'Neal
The community also enjoyed
music by renowned jazz pianist
Harold O'Neal
A Silent Art Auction of works donated by artists from Kansas City and Tanzania
A Community Dialogue Session
A special conversation with
Brother Pete O'Neal
in Arusha, Tanzania via
a satellite phone hookup!

  Click here to read about the Kansas City premier of A Panther in Africa in an article in ARUSHA TIMES newspaper!

Read here to learn more about Charlotte's visit to J.S. Chick Elementary School and the 'Tanzania Class' at this AfroCentric institution



Charlotte with daughter AnnWood, Dr. Paul Magnarella, (Brother Pete's dedicated lawyer), sister in law, Mafutari Swai O'Neal and friends at the premier!

Baseball legend, Mr. Buck O'Neil, celebrates at the gala with Sister Jackie Brown of the Djembe Kaan African Drummers and Charlotte

Nedra Bonds, (left) one of the hardest working artists in Kansas City with Charlotte and Sherry at the Gala Event!

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 2005 Heal the Community Tour in KC!

The ideas and actions of

Modern American Revolutionaries

are examined in two free, public presentations at Johnson County Community College.

The Revolutionary Vision Lives

7pm March 23, Polsky Theatre
Carlsen Center

This evening encompasses a short one-act play, A Panther Kind of Man, by Laura Patridge, about Pete O'Neal, founder of the Kansas City Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and Charlotte Hill O'Neal, his wife; storytelling by Charlotte Hill O'Neal herself; poetry by Laura Partridge; and a performance by Jali Kunda, the Africa Drum and Dance Troupe from Genesis School, Kansas City, MO.

Playwright Laura Partridge and actor
Michael Patton before performance of
A Panther Kind of Man
written by Laura

click here to see the poster


American Revolutionaries in the 21st Century

11a.m. March 24, Craig Community Auditorium

This panel discussion brings together Charlotte Hill O'Neal; Nelson Peery, author of Black Fire: the Making of an American Revolutionary; and Vernon Bellecourt, a principal spokesman for the American Indian Movement, to discuss social responsibility and justice.


Both events were sponsored by:  JCCC's Diversity Committe, Student Life and Leadership Development and Professors Danny Alexander, James Leiker and Carmaletta Williams


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