ISSN 0856-9135;  No. 00243


October 26 - November 1, 2002

Beauty of African Youth!

A couple modeling fashions

The Beauty of African Youth!

By Charlotte Hill O’Neal

I felt privileged to have been a part of a unique fashion show that was held at Jambo Makuti Gallery recently. I was the coordinator and mistress of ceremony for the event, which showcased beautiful African inspired fashions created by Arusha designer, Mrs. Jane Mniko of Aminata Fashion Boutique locate at Sokoine Road in the Naaz Hotel Building.

Several members of Aang Serian, UAACC and the African Traditional Dance Group, got together to ‘strut their stuff’ and show off the beauty of Africa’s youth.

Maasai wedding fashions

Fashions from Aminata Boutique

They were all actually novices on the catwalk, but you wouldn’t know it judging from the way they confidently glided and swayed and sometimes even bopped to the music of international recording artists from Xplastaz, an African hip hop group based in Arusha.

The clothes featured heavily embroidered fabrics that have come to be identified the world over as uniquely African, including tie and dye; batik; and colorful bazee cloth. All of the outfits were accented with traditional African ‘touches’ like Maasai beaded jewelry, towering head ties and even milk gourds and papier mache painted fans. The appearance of the bridal couple decked out in Maasai cloth and jewelry drew cheers and applause from the admiring audience.

It was surely a night of African Beauty and Fashions that won’t be soon forgotten!



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