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May 29 - Jun 4, 2004


Youth for World Peace

By Our Correspondent

Arusha is becoming known for rap artists with positive messages

The excitement is growing. Mwisho is coming to town! Yes…Mwisho Mwampamba of Big Brother Africa House fame is coming to Arusha to make a special guest appearance at the Youth for World Peace Festival scheduled for June 5, 2004 at Via Via, the Meeting Place stage in the National Natural History Museum gardens. The internationally known rap group Xplastaz, whose music videos are often featured on Channel O and aired in all of the countries in sub Saharan Africa, will also serve as special guests at the event.

Arusha is becoming known for the rap artists with positive messages that abound in A-Town these days. Several of those groups will lend their support to the festival which is being organized in a collaborative effort by Mkombozi Center, United African Alliance Community Center, Children for Children’s Future and Amani Home for Children, all registered NGO’s dedicated to uplifting the youth of Tanzania.

"The day will be full of ngoma, maigizo, films, food, music and rap brought to the stage by several popular groups in Arusha and Moshi", says Mama Charlotte Hill O’Neal, one of the organizers, "including Kush Kemet Actors Group; Aang Serian Peace Village Rappers; MTAZAMO Theater Group; Maasai Arts Group; Amani Center; Rafiki Arts Group; Mkombozi Arts Group; Kioo Arts Group; MS-Ngoma; African Traditional Dance Group; Kilimanjaro Wizard Arts Group and a fashion show by TAHEA! The message of peace, education and positive life styles will be stressed throughout the festival."

A raffle of prizes donated by several businesses, hotels and individuals in both Arusha and Moshi, is being arranged to take place in July to raise funds that will be used to further the work of the collaborating centers who work exclusively for the benefit of both youth and street children in Arusha and Moshi. The date of the raffle draw event will be announced at the festival.

To promote the spirit of cooperation and peace, instead of a staging a competition at the festival, it has been agreed that a member from each of the invited groups participating in the festival will afterwards together form an A-Town Rappers group that will perform at several venues, including at some of the major hotels in Arusha ."This is a concrete way for the musicians to express their wish for solidarity and peace through unity and not competition", Mama O’Neal explained further.

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