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Black Panther International Solidarity Conference!!!
Dec 15- 18, 2009

Arusha, Tanzania


It's About Time...the committee that bought us the 30th...35th...40th and 42nd anniversary celebrations of the Black Panther Party, NOW in conjunction with UAACC...brings you the Black Panther Party International Solidarity Conference in Arusha, Tanzania!!


An unprecedented opportunity for building international collaborations and networking!

Original Black Panther Party members celebrate 40th anniversary of founding of BPP in Oakland, California

This will be a historical opportunity to meet and talk with original Black Panther Party members and progressive people from many parts of the world!

Original BPP members Emory Douglas and Billy X Jennings
with London Panthers recently


Hear first hand accounts about their successful community programs and challenges that were overcome!

Workshops at the Conference will include:

Continuing the Legacy
International Solidarity
for the Future!


Former BPP Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas
and progressive artist, Mos Def in San Francisco

Hip Hop



Progressive artists M1 of dead prez an Umi of RBG
 with former Kansas City Panthers,
Pete and Charlotte O'Neal,
at United African Alliance Community Center

Film Festival and opportunity to meet world renown film makers!










Emmy award winning film maker, Lisa Russell in recent
workshop with up and coming film makers from
Kilimanjaro Film Institute in Arusha

Hip Hop Colony film maker Michael Wanguhu shooting
Ni Wakati with M1 and Umi. The East African premier of this doc plus Lords of the Revolution; A Panther in Africa and many more will be shown at the film festival!

Emory's exhibition announcement in Manchester, England recently

World Renowned Black Panther artist,

Emory Douglas, will speak on

The Art of Revolution

his latest book of art history
will participate in a

community mural project!

Don't Miss this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!!

Online Registration forms for East African residents will be available soon.

Information for Registration for other parts of the world can be found at the site below:

Black Panther Party Legacy & Alumni - It's About Time..., Website for Black Panther Party Legacy and Alumni.

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