"It takes a Village to Raise a Child"...a concept attributed to an ancient
African proverb.

"It is only human to help those in need"...which is really what community
is about. 

Seeing a need and addressing
that need in whatever way one is able.


The Leaders of Tomorrow Children's Home program commenced in December 2009 due to an expressed need
in the community and with our belief that even with limited resources, we couldn't afford NOT to help!
Sixteen children who demonstrated the greatest need in the community, were invited into the home. 
A few months later, two more children were added to the LTCH Family! Presently we have 19 watoto ...and still growing!!

Our wish is to...

Nurture intellectual
educational achievement!

Cultivate creativity
as an educational tool
way of life!

Encourage Leadership Skills


Personal Growth

...build bridges across borders while staying connected to the local community

Healthy, Happy and full of Light!

New Mural at Children's Home!

Building strong bodies and minds in service to community!

Always new learning experiences to keep the children's minds occupied and stimulated!

There's always a new adventure and new place to experience...

...these kids always have something to sing about!

Mzee Pete, who they all call 'Babu' (grandfather) took them for their first elevator experience at AICC! When they arrived to the top floor and looked down one of the children asked him "is this where God lives!"


The children were fascinated by the reptiles at Meserani Snake Park...

...Jackie bravely tried one of the harmless snakes on for size!

They later ventured to Lake Manyara with Babu Pete! Lake Manyara is one of Tanzania's most beautiful wildlife preserves .

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