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May 3-9, 2003


Zero grazing is cool


Zero grazing is cool!

Dear Editor

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and thank several people in Arusha who were instrumental in helping to make the HIV/AIDS Education Festival which took place on April 19, 2003 at the Technical College Arusha, the success that it was. It was a real community effort!

We at UAACC would like to thank the ARUSHA TIMES for sponsoring advertisement space; CLOUDS FM and SUNRISE FM radio stations for sponsoring advertisement time; RUSHDA Supermarket for sponsoring some of the food; Mr. Chris Nnko for sponsoring bus transport and the management of Arusha Technical College for permitting the use of their activities hall.

I would like to once again commend the Kuji Foundation for its continuing support for our community projects and all of the youth who participated in the festival including the KushKemet Actors Group; African Traditional Dance Group; Aang Serian; Maasai Arts Group; White Orange Youth Organization; Rafiki Arts Group; African Youth Health Promotion Organization; ChemChem Kidedeo; and Global Services Corps.

A movement is growing in this war against HIV/AIDS that involves people with conscious minds and responsible behavior. You young people are the vanguard of this movement. Continue to set a good example by practicing abstinence or if you haven’t reached that level of awareness and commitment yet, at least get tested and if you are negative, stay that way by sticking to one…and only one…partner who has also been tested.

Try this for a month. Then try it for two more months…then two more.

Before you know it, monogamy will be a habit and you won’t want to ‘graze’ anywhere else but you’ll want to stick with your own partner.

Do plenty of exercise to keep your levels of desire in check. You’ll become more physically fit while also adding precious years to your life!

Try it for a year, while you go around and spread the word that this is a ‘cool’ way to live your life. Make it an example and a habit in your life! Zero grazing is cool!

Keep this fact in your mind and hammer it everyday into your age mates’ minds that the main reason for the decline of HIV/AIDS among our brothers and sisters in Uganda is not due to widespread condom use but is due to the widespread decrease in multiple sexual partnerships and networks!

You all are powerful, positive examples of what true community spirit and cooperation are about. You young people must keep the momentum going and growing.

We older people will be there to follow your example and support your efforts.

You are the ones who will turn the rising tide of HIV/AIDS around in our country and ensure a healthy future for generations to come!

I thank you all and feel honored to work with you!


Charlotte Hill O’Neal, Program Director, UAACC
Pete O’Neal, Managing Director, UAACC

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